2013 Convention Activities
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5-1-JE-JudgingInstructions-IMG 4826-VW
Judges Chair Jacquie Eisenhut giving instructions to the judges and clerks before judging begins
5-2-JudgesAtShow-IMG 4830-VW
Judges reviewing all the entries in the show room before beginning their team judging
5-3-JudgingTeam-IMG 4852-VW
Judging team at work (Bob Clark, Louise Cheung, Jeanne Katzenstein with clerks Betty Fenerty and Nancy Moerer)
5-4-JudgingTeam-IMG 4851-VW
Judging team at work (Leslie Milde, Barb Festenstein, Doris Brownlie with clerks Jeremy Keene and Karen Sproul)
5-5-JudgingResults-IMG 4847-VW
Awards Chair Paul Lee checking awards as the judging progresses while Beverley Williams and Karyn Cichocki await the final results
5-6-SL-Auction-IMG 4866-VW
Auction Chair Suzie Larouche working on auction details
5-7-SilentAuction-IMG 4867-VW
Reviewing and bidding at the silent auction
5-8-Spissman-IMG 4865-VW
Kathy Spissman offering the gesneriad promo materials
5-9-JLC-IMG 9461-JMH
John L. Clark from the University of Alabama lectures on the adaptations of floral forms
5-10-JLC-MiniProgram-IMG 0514-SM
New Genera in the Tribe Episcieae also being presented by John L. Clark
5-11-LectureAudience-IMG 20130705 131612 619-PS
Attendees listening to updates on the new genus names
5-12-PS-Poster-Martin-IMG 0494-SM
Peter Shalit reading the poster presentation by student Jason Martin
5-13-Poster-Watson-IMG 0496-SM
Attendees reading the poster presentation by student Reece Watson
5-14-TorBotGdnProgram-IMG 0540-SM
Mini Program on gesneriads at the Montreal Botanic Garden by Ron Myhr
5-15-BoardMeeting-IMG 0547-SM
Friday afternoon meeting of the new Board of Directors
Official photography team led by Julie Mavity-Hudson (Bob Stewart photographing)
5-17-CocktailHour-IMG 5016-VW
Socializing at the cocktail hour
5-18-Australians+-IMG 5026-VW
Ruth Coulson (right) with first-time convention attendees Helen & Robert Irwin and Roger & Beverley Donsworth, all from Australia in front, and Herbert Charles, Robert Hall, and Winston Goretsky in back
5-19-MS+EV-IMG 0589-SM
New Director Mary Schaeffer (left) with Elizabeth Varley enjoying the cocktail hour
5-20-AwardsBanquet-IMG 5038-VW
Attendees enjoying the awards banquet presentations
5-21-IMG 0608-SM
New Director Norah Otto (left) with Director and new Gesneriad Registrar Irina Nicholson
5-22-OS+PL-IMG 9833-JMH
Olga Semova receiving her award for the Best Commercial Exhibit from Awards Chair Paul Lee
5-23-FestensteinRcvgAwards-IMG 9839-JMH
Paul Lee presenting Barb Festenstein with her awards including Best in the Artistic Division
5-24-PL+JAM-IMG 9855-JMH
Former Awards Chair Jo Anne Martinez presenting Paul Lee with his Best in Show Award
5-25-RC-IMG 9893-JMH
Ruth Coulson by one of the blue-ribbon entries that earned her Sweepstakes in the Arts
5-26-DB-DSC 2635-PS
Deanna Belli by one of the blue-ribbon entries that earned her Sweepstakes in Artistic
5-27-BW-IMG 9890-JMH
Beverley Williams with one of the blue-ribbon entries that earned her Horticulture Sweepstakes
5-28-IMG 9886-JMH
Julie Mavity-Hudson with her picture quilt awarded Best in the Arts
5-29-RH-IMG 9895-JMH
Robert Hall with Columnea ‘Indian Feather’ awarded Runner-Up to Best in Show
5-30-PL-IMG 9868-JMH
Paul Lee with Sinningia ‘Flamenco Apricot Bouquet’ awarded Best in Show