2013 Convention Activities
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6-1-AD-Critique-IMG 5267-VW
Shows & Judging Chair Arleen Dewell leading off the judges critique of the flower show
6-2-PCC-PAsystem-IMG 52750-VW
Paulo Castello de Costa helping with the Society’s portable PA system
Arleen reviewing the arts and crafts entries
6-4-AD-critique-IMG 0723-SM
Arleen reviewing entries in the New Gesneriads classes
6-5-KC-CritiquingArtistic-IMG 0703-SM
Karyn Cichocki leading the discussion on the artistic judging
6-6-Sudol-photographing-IMG 5452-VW
Booklet Chair Stan Sudol photographing in the show room
Monte Watler (seated center) visiting with friends in the flower show room
Betty Tapping (left) and Murna Kosawan
6-9-MW+BC-DSC 2686-PS
Monte Watler and Bob Counsell
First-time convention attendee Louise Cheung with her GHA award-winning entry
6-11-AC-FinalLecture-IMG 5482-VW
Alain Chautems presenting the final lecture on Paliavana, Sinningia, and Vanhouttea
6-12-PhytoChairs-IMG 0886-SM
Phyto Chairs Carolyn Conlin-Lane and Brett Flewelling helping Wanda MacNair, assisted by Sayeh Beheshti, Publicity Co-Chair

6-13-PhytoCheckIn-IMG 6053-VW
Ben Paternoster and Nancy Kast being checked in for their phyto inspections by Carolyn Conlin-Lane and Sayeh Beheshti
6-14-FinalAuctionBids-IMG 0950-SM
Placing final bids at the silent auction
6-15-SatLunch-IMG 0951-SM
Saturday lunch buffet line
6-16-SatLunch-IMG 0953-SM
Attendees at Saturday lunch and live auction
6-17-SL+BP-Auction-IMG 0971-SM
Auction Chair Suzie Larouche with auctioneer Bill Price
6-18-LC-Auction-IMG 0969-SM
Leslie Cox assisting at the live auction
6-19-ShowBreakdown-IMG 0996-SM
Breakdown in the flower show room
6-20-RH-PackingUp-IMG 1004-SM
Robert Hall packing up his show plants
6-21-B+DS-AfterShow-IMG 1014-SM
Dee and Bob Stewart taking show plants back up to their room
6-22-LobbyGathering-IMG 6059-VW
Attendees gathering in the lobby before dinner
6-23-WalkToTower-DSC 2720-PS
Our group walking from the hotel to the CN Tower for dinner
6-24-ElevatorGroup-IMG 6065-VW
Attendees going up the tower elevator
6-25-ElevatorViewDown-IMG 6067-VW
View down from the outside glass elevator
6-26-GroupDinnerAtTower-IMG 6078-VW
Our group enjoying dinner with a view at the CN Tower 365 Restaurant
6-27-ViewFromRestaurant365-IMG 1068-SM
A view of the city, dinner, and conversation enjoyed by our group
6-28-TorontoCityView-IMG 2825-CAB
A view of Toronto
6-29-TorontoWaterView-IMG 2827-CAB
A water view looking south toward Nashville, the site of next year’s convention
6-30-CNtower-2013-07-06 21.27.47-BC
Back down on the street, a view of the CN Tower looking up
6-31-DB+PS-IMG 1084-SM
President Paul Susi thanking Local Chair Doris Brownlie for a wonderful convention
6-32-NightScene-IMG 2822-CAB
Toronto city lights, as evening brought a close to convention