2013 Convention Activities
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4-1-FW+MHM-IMG 4703-VW
Promoting gesneriad wear: Fay Wagman, Chair of Membership Publicity Promotion, with help from Convention Registrar Mary Helen Maran
4-2-MJT+SR-Entries-IMG 4704-VW
Flower Show Entries greeters MJ Tyler and Sally Robinson
4-3-BW+BW-IMG 4723-VW
Show Chair Beverley Williams with Placement Chair Bruce Williams
4-4-KC+EB+MC-Entries-IMG 9371-JMH
Entries Co-Chairs Karyn Cichocki and Emma Bygott, assisted by first-time convention volunteer Marilyn Crompton, entering the exhibits coming into the flower show
4-5-Entries-IMG 4718-VW
Exhibitors preparing their entries for show (front left: Marina De Souza, first-time convention attendee, and Paul Kroll, Artistic Reservations and Schedule Co-Chair)
4-6-JF+BP-Entries-IMG 4717-VW
Jill Fischer entering with Classification Co-Chair Bill Price inspecting
4-7-VW-LR-JK-BC-IMG 4713-VW
Classification Co-Chair Vincent Woo (left) with placement team Leonard Re, Jeremy Keene, and Bob Clark
4-8-Students-IMG 9864-JMH
The 2013 Student Convention Grant Recipients: Jason Martin, Hermine Alexandre, François Lambert (front), Reece Watson and Jeremy Keene (rear)
4-9-FL-IMG 4745-VW
François Lambert from Montreal presenting his research work
4-10-JP+HA+FL+AC-IMG 4752-VW
Janique Perreault (gesneriad collection curator at the Montreal Botanical Garden), students Hermine Alexandre and François Lambert, and lecturer Alain Chautems
4-11-PresidentsMeeting-IMG 0323-SM
Presidents enjoying the Chapter Presidents meeting
4-12-DS+BS-Lecture-IMG 9401-JMH
The late afternoon lecture on Streptocarpus species by Dee and Bob Stewart
4-13-RB+SS-Auction-IMG 4757-VW
Volunteers Randy Baron and Sylvia Svitak helping set up the donated auction items
4-14-PS+AnnualMeeting-IMG 0335-SM
President Paul Susi presiding at the Annual Membership Meeting
Doris Brownlie leading the group in a July 4th singing of the U.S. National Anthem
4-16-AD+GF-AofA-IMG 9430-JMH
Arleen Dewell (left) presenting an Award of Appreciation to Gussie Farrice
4-17-MR+CR-AofA-IMG 9444-JMH
Michael Riley (center) presenting an Award of Appreciation to Carolyn Ripps
4-18-AofA-Past-IMG 0364-SM
Some of the former recipients of Awards of Appreciation standing and being recognized
4-19-DinnerGroup-IMG 0378-SM
Attendees socializing at the evening dinner dinner (Mary Helen Maran, Harry Branson, Judy Smith, Betsy Branson, Betsy Gottshall, Jeff and Edie Chapman, Stephen Maciejewski)
4-20-BP-Lecture-IMG 9450-JMH
Bill Price presenting his lecture on Growing and Showing Gesneriads
4-21-P+P-Sales-IMG 0406-SM
Sale of publications and promotional items while awaiting the opening of plant sales
4-22-BeforeSales-IMG 4792-VW
The crowd awaiting the opening of plant sales
4-23-JMH+CAB+DS-IMG 20130704 205930 250-PS
First three registrants first in line for early plant sales (Julie Mavity-Hudson, Carol Ann Bonner, Dee Stewart)
4-24-MakingSelections-DSC 2600-PS
Attendees making their selections
4-25-BuyingFrenzy-DSC 2598-PS
The buying frenzy
4-26-LK-Sales-IMG 4813-VW
New Director Lena Klintberg from Sweden enjoying the sales room activity
4-27-MG+WM+RM-Sales-IMG 4761-VW
Plant Sales Co-Chair Mel Grice (left) with volunteers Wanda and Richard MacNair
4-28-PS+SS-Sales-IMG 0427-SM
Plant Sales Co-Chair Patrick Smith (seated) with helpers Susan Smith and Leonard Re adding up and packing up the purchases
4-29-MR+BF-Sales-IMG 0425-SM
Society Business Manager Michael Riley (and Growers Forum moderator) with Society Treasurer Becky Fontes helping at plant sales
4-30-CR-SeedOrders-IMG 4809-VW
Species Seed Fund Co-Chair Carolyn Ripps taking Seed Fund orders
4-31-JK+JP-IMG 20130704 222232 140-PS
Jeanne Katzenstein presenting a box of sale plants donated by the Society to Janique Perreault, curator of the gesneriad collection at the Montreal Botanical Garden