2013 Convention Activities
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3-1-DM+Workshop-IMG 0153-SM
Dale Martens leading the discussion at the morning judges workshop
Judges workshop attendees
3-3-BP+School-IMG 4571-VW
Ben Paternoster leading the discussion at the intermediate judges morning session
3-4-Martinez-IMG 1239-RM
Convention Chair Jo Anne Martinez making update announcements at the luncheon
3-5-SM-ChaptersAck-IMG 1243-RM
Stephen Maciejewski at lunch filling in as Chapters Chairperson and calling the roll of chapters
3-6-BC+LM+CCL-DSC 2570-PS
Practice judging at the afternoon judges session (Bob Clark, Leslie Milde, Carolyn Conlin-Lane)
3-7-JO+TS+-DSC 2568-PS
Afternoon practice judging: first-time convention attendee Jerry O’Keefe (left), Thad Scaggs, and Elaine Stutt
3-8-Branson+Svitak+Eastman-IMG 0177-SM
Practice judging team Betsy Branson, Sylvia Svitak, Cindy Eastman
3-9-DM-GHA-IMG 1246-RM

Dale Martens leading the Gesneriad Hybridizers Meeting later that afternoon
3-10-Counsell-GHA-IMG 1250-RM
Hybridizer Bob Counsell from the UK presenting
3-11-Coulson-GHA-IMG 0201-SM
Hybridizer Ruth Coulson from Australia presenting
3-12-GHA-DoorPrizes-IMG 9337-JMH
Attendees selecting their door prizes at the close of the GHA meeting
3-13-TBG-Sign-2013-07-03 18.50.43-BC
Some Board members and guests headed over to the Toronto Botanical Garden to view the needlepoint collection donated by The Gesneriad Society
3-14-Needleworks-IMG 0240-SM
Several of the Renée White donated needlepoint pictures now on display in Toronto
Librarian Zachary Osborne (left) with Paul Kroll and Doris Brownlie
3-16-Board+Guests-DSC 2579-PS
Board members and guests at the reception and viewing of the needlepoint picture collection
3-17-SpeciesStrepProgram-IMG 4599-VW
Back at the hotel for an evening demonstration on mounting gesneriads presented by Bob and Dee Stewart
3-18-MountedStrep-IMG 4597-VW
A mounted Streptocarpus
3-19-SM-Conservation-DSC 2588-PS
Stephen Maciejewski at the evening conservation meeting presenting an update on the activities at the Gesneriad Conservation Center of China