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2014 Convention, Nashville, TN USA

July 1 - July 5, 2014
See Beautiful Tennessee

Flower Show Awards

My first year as Awards Chair has been challenging and rewarding. Thank you for being so incredibly generous with both your support and awards gifts.

The city of Nashville will be great to explore because of its history.  It has many good restaurants to experience, having both conventional and southern cuisine. On a personal note, one of my many cousins lived in Nashville for several years, and she said it was the best place they had ever lived, both for climate and friendly people. For this reason I am really looking forward to this particular convention.

The 2014 Convention will have, so I am told, another large flower show and we need your support to make awards available to the many winning exhibits that will be entered. Donors or donor chapters may forward awards to me at the address below. Checks or money orders should be made payable to The Gesneriad Society. All award donations are tax-deductible and can be made when registering for convention on the website or by mail. Donations must be received by June 18, and any received after this date will be applied to next year’s convention.

Unspecified awards are preferred and will help prevent multiple donations for single awards. Special requests will be filled on a first-come basis. If there are no eligible entries or the category’s award has already been filled, the award will be transferred to another class or section. If there are fewer eligible entries than awards, any unused award monies will be placed in the Society’s operating funds.

Please be as generous as always, and donate to the awards. I will be happy to receive your donations any way you choose to send them. You may donate online or mail in this form. The awards themselves always add to the anticipation at the awards banquet and give donors an opportunity to honor someone they admire, or thank them for doing what they do, in a public way. Beginning this year, I will be adding donor email addresses to award cards along with postal addresses to make it easier for winners to send thank you notes to their award donors. All donations will be gratefully received. After convention, a list of all award donations will appear in the fourth quarter issue of our journal and also on our website.

Paul Lee, 6693 Second Line, RR #3, Fergus, ON, Canada N1M 2W4

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