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Awards of Appreciation

The Gesneriad Society instituted the Awards of Appreciation in 1977 to recognize those individuals whose activities had benefited the Society in one or more exceptional ways.

A number of factors are considered when choosing a recipient of an Award of Appreciation. Among them are the individual’s length of service to the Society, illness the importance of the service rendered by the individual, the individual’s service as a chairperson of one or more committees, work by an individual in behind-the-scenes activities, consistent contributions of gesneriad articles for publication by an individual, and other activities that benefit both the Society and the world of gesneriads.


Past recipients of the Award of Appreciation were recognized for their continued service to The Gesneriad Society at the 2014 Convention in Nashville, Tennessee

Left to right: Ben Paternoster, Julie Mavity-Hudson, Molly Schneider, Doris Carson (behind Molly), Mary Bozoian, Elizabeth Varley (behind Mary), Arleen Dewell (partially hidden, next to Elizabeth), Gussie Farrice, Michael Riley (behind Gussie),  M J Tyler, Paul Susi (behind M J), Michael Kartuz, Bill Price (behind Michael), Carolyn Ripps, Jeanne Katzenstein (behind Carolyn), Jo Anne Martinez, Paul Kroll, Dale Martens and Susan Grose

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