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Visit to the Home of Bill Price and Brian Murfitt

020-Bill's Dinner at Bills 1WG
021-Bill's Dinner at Bills 2WG
022-Bill's Dinner at Bills 3WG
023-Bill's - Rosemary Platz and Leslie MildePS
024-Bill's - Tom and Libbie GlembockiPS
025-Bill's - Sven Lindskog, Randy Baron, Brian Murfitt, Ben Paternoster and Bill PricePS
026-Bill's 4MM
027-Bill's Dinner at Bills 4WG
028-Bill's MM
029-Bill's 8 MM
030-Bill's 3 MM
031-Visit to Bill & Brian's HouseKC
032-Visit to Bill & Brian's HouseGS
033-one of Bill'sPlantRoomsGS
034-Bill'sDinner at Bills 5WG
035-Bill'sDinner at Bills1 VW
036-Bill'sDinner at Bills2VW
038-Bill's PeterCharlene

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