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Gesneriad Links

Note: These links take you outside the The Gesneriad Society's Web site and are provided as a service to our visitors. A listing here does not constitute an endorsement by The Gesneriad Society.

Specifically about gesneriads...

The Smithsonian Institution's Museum of Natural History Web site contains extensive resources including Gesneriaceae Research, Annotated Bibliography, and World Checklist.

Ron Myhr's "Gesneriad Reference Web" offers many high resolution images, along with descriptions of the plants.

Sinningia Friends is the website of Alan LaVerne, "intended to provide the sinningia grower with a bit of botanical and horticultural information."

Dr. Alain Chautems has a web site (in French) devoted to the taxonomy of Brazilian gesneriaceae at

The Gesneriad Research Center (GRC) is the newly establish gesneriad research arm of the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens' Center for Tropical Plant Science and Conservation. Visit the GRC blog frequently to learn more about our gesneriad research, conservation and education efforts.

Mauro Peixoto's web site has lots of pictures of gesneriads and other Brazilian plants. Mauro is a frequent contributor of plants, seeds and knowledge to The Gesneriad Society.

Brazilian Plants Group is dedicated to the study and preservation of Brazilian plants. Dues for an individual are $60 a year which goes to support of Mauro Peixoto's research and greenhouses in Brazil (see link above). Club memberships are also available. All communication is done via a yahoo group, BrazilPlants. Each individual member gets 6 packets of seed 3 times a year for free (with clubs getting a larger # of packets) which they can select from Mauro's extensive seed list which contains not only Gesneriads, but other families as well. For more information, contact Lee Stradley.

The Genera of Gesneriaceae - Weber, A. & L.E. Skog (2007 onw.): The genera of Gesneriaceae. Basic information with illustration of selected species. Ed. 2.

The Gesneriad Conservation Center of China

British Streptocarpus Society A UK based streptocarpus society, but with members worldwide; 3 newsletters a year; shows; informative website; leaf swaps; seed bank free to members.

Streptocarpus Lovers Streptocarpus email forum

The Montreal Botanical Garden has an extensive site including a section devoted to gesneriads (in French).

AVInternational is an International list for discussion about the African Violet (Saintpaulia) and gesneriads.

The Gesneriphiles mailing list is an international group of individuals who share a common enthusiasm for Gesneriads. Participants on the mailing list range from beginners to experienced academic botanists and hybridizers.

Check out Wallace Wells' gesneriad web page.

The African Violet Society of America web site is a good starting place for information about "African Violets".

The Texas Aggie Horticulture page has lots of information of interest to indoor gardeners, including a paper on the Micropropagation of Chimeral African Violets.

The "Gesneriasts of Sweden", a chapter of The Gesneriad Society, provides this Swedish language page (with English translations), includes photographs.

Visit Ken'ichi Okisita's "Room of Saintpaulia".

The Violet Patch of South Florida just recently created their first website. This is a nice informational site on the care of African Violets.

Laura Johnson provides instructions for producing seed from your gesneriads. No longer maintained so here's a local copy.

African Violet International is a mailing list devoted to both AVs and Gesneriads. There are also online growing projects.

Wikipedia has a number of gesneriad articles, which vary from brief and superficial, to excellent and in-depth.

The Pacific Bulb Society runs a seed and bulb exchange which often receives and distributes donations of tuberous and rhizomatous gesneriads, since they qualify as “geophytes” just like bulbs and corms. So, our online discussion group sometimes discusses gesneriad culture.

Other sites of interest to indoor gardeners and plant lovers...

Horticulture Magazine has launched a web site, Horticulture Online.

University of Connecticut's Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology web page offers a searchable inventory of the plant collections, including gesneriads -- is a comprehensive resource that systematically sorts out the available undergraduate and graduate programs available today in the U.S., including Horticulture programs.

Life, the Universe and Everything is an extensive site about, well..., just that!

Other email lists of interest to plant lovers

Note: These links take you outside the The Gesneriad Society's Web site and are provided as a service to our visitors. A listing here does not constitute an endorsement by The Gesneriad Society.

New sources of information are popping up on the Internet all the time. After you visit the above sites, try searching for others yourself using the form below. Use keywords such as gesneriads, houseplants, or indoor gardening. Have fun!

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