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The Gesneriad Society – the national Society dedicated to plants in the Gesneriad family.  A great reference site with information about upcoming events sponsored by the Society and its Chapters.

The African Violet Society of Americathe national society dedicated to the genus Saintpauliapresenting information about growing, showing and propagating African violets and other gesnariads as well as information about upcoming shows and sales.

Liberty Bell Chapter (Philadelphia, PA) – our sister Chapter in the Gesneriad Society which meets at Cathedral Village in northwest Philadelphia.  Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday evening of the month from September to May.

National Capital Area Chapter (Washington, DC) – our sister Chapter in the nation’s capital meets at the US National Arboretum in Washington, D.C.  Meetings are held on the second Saturday of the month, September through June.



The Gesneriad Reference Web – fantastic photographs, articles, even antique prints of Gesneriads are found on this encyclopedic site offered by Canadian member Ron Myhr.

 Sinningia Friends - intended to provide the sinningia grower with a bit of botanical and horticultural information, pictures, observations and opinions from Alan LaVergne and other posters.

The Gesneriad Research Center (GRC) - the newly establish gesneriad research arm of the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens' Center for Tropical Plant Science and Conservation. Visit the GRC blog frequently to learn more about our gesneriad research, conservation and education efforts.

British Streptocarpus Society – a British based society, but with members worldwide; 3 newsletters a year; shows; informative website; leaf swaps; seed bank free to members.  Good gallery of hybrids is posted.

Optimara African Violets – hosted by Holtkamp Greenhouses, offers great cultural advice, diagnosis of problems and a comprehensive variety identification page.



Belisle's Violet House – mail order source for heirloom African violets, choice Gesneriads, and unusual houseplants

Dave's Violets – originator of "Ozark” series of Sinningias, this site offers fine vintage and newer selections of Sinningias, Saintpaulias and other Gesneriads.

Kartuz Greenhouses - offers distinctive varieties of rare and exotic plants for over 48 years. Begonias, Gesneriads, Hoyas and Passionflowers remain their specialties. a small family-run nursery in Southern California. They offer over 1,000 varieties of rare, hard-to-find starter plants, which are sent in 2 to 3¾ inch sized pots

Lauray of Salisbury –  a second generation northwestern Connecticut mailorder greenhouse offering plants suitable for home and greenhouse for the beginning grower to the plant fanatic and specializing in a number of plant families including gesneriads, begonias, orchids cacti and succulents.  There is a great selection of older rhizomatous kinds of Gesneriads.

Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses, Inc. – a prolific hybridizer of African Violets in upstate New York which offers its newest introductions as well as many of their favorite, older varieties of violets including varieties from other hybridizers too! They offer many types of gesneriads, as well as some other choice, exotic and unusual "companion plants". A small selection of terrarium plants is also offered.

The Violet Barn  - another upstate New York hybridizer offering unusual Show-quality African Violets and Gesneriads African Violets, Gesneriads, Streptocarpus, Begonias,, Hoyas, Houseplants, African Violet pots and supplies.  They have been shipping quality plants for over 20 years and will ship in winter!

Violet Gallery – exclusively growers of African violets in south central Pennsylvania (near York) offering plants, leaves, and supplies by mail. The online catalog features photos of many varieties.


Local Attractions:    

Delaware Center for Horticulture –provides programs and resources to enrich gardening and beautification endeavors regardless of level of expertise offering lectures, workshops, garden tours and trips, conferences, on-site garden tours and outreach programs.

University of Delaware Botanic Garden - a series of twelve gardens on fifteen acres used by faculty, students, Green Industry professionals, and the public, offering programs in horticulture, plant science, entomology, and landscape design.

Delaware Tourism – Visit the Chapter’s annual Show and plan to spend the weekend!  Delaware is famous for its tax-free shopping and world-class entertainment options, but you'll also find romantic hideaways, scenic byways and fun places for the whole family to enjoy.  Spectacular gardens including Longwood and Winterthur grace the Brandywine Valley or enjoy some of the best bird watching along the eastern seaboard at places like Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge.  This website is your passport to Delaware…the first state!