2000 Convention Photos

We are adding photos as they become available. Check back often.

Photographs by Carol Ann Bonner, Maryjane Evans, Jeanne Katzenstein, Julie Mavity-Hudson, Paul Susi.

VIEW PHOTO An extra pre-convention bonus was a visit to Mollie Howell's home for a Fourth of July barbeque -- here's Mollie in her backyard lathhouse.
VIEW PHOTO Dee and Bob Stewart, Wallace Wells, Susan Grose, and Al Buell enjoying the celebration outdoors by the pool and pond.
VIEW PHOTO Frances Batcheller, Paul Susi, Ben Paternoster, Stan Schwartz, Vivean Scheans and Mary Bozoian enjoying the celebration indoors.
VIEW PHOTO Peter Shalit, Dale Martens, Bob Clark partying at Mollie's.
VIEW PHOTO Classification Co-Chair Peter Shalit inspecting entries.
VIEW PHOTO Registrar Carol Schreck welcoming Susan Grose.
VIEW PHOTO Stan Schwartz writing Kathy Spissman's entries into the Entry Book.
VIEW PHOTO Entry card writer Carol Ann Bonner and score sheet writer Ingrid Lindskog hard at work during the Entries process.
VIEW PHOTO Auction workers Doris Brownlie, Jon Dixon, Tom Bruning, Daphne Yaremko.
VIEW PHOTO The line-up awaiting the first-night opening of plant sales.
VIEW PHOTO Lots of plants to fill lots of boxes at plant sales.
VIEW PHOTO Tour group visiting Jerry Trowbridge's new gesneriad greenhouse in Bradenton.
VIEW PHOTO Now, Jerry, just how big was that columnea?
VIEW PHOTO Tour group at the Gesneriad Research Foundation "rainforest" in Sarasota.
VIEW PHOTO Al Buell with Dr. Hans Wiehler in the GRF greenhouse.
VIEW PHOTO Taking photos at Bud Spence's Orchid Greenhouses.
VIEW PHOTO Toshijiro Okuto admiring the orchids at Bud Spence's greenhouses.
VIEW PHOTO Tour group at Selby Gardens in Sarasota.
VIEW PHOTO A cool break for lunch at Selby Gardens.
VIEW PHOTO Chapters and Affiliates Chair Arleen Dewell (left) presenting the Charter to representative Doris Carson for our newest chapter, the Northwest Arkansas Gloxinia and Gesneriad Society.
VIEW PHOTO Awards of Appreciation Chair Molly Schneider with this year's award recipients Marlene Beam of Colorado and Ingrid Lindskog of Sweden.
VIEW PHOTO Al Buell with Mike Horton and Carolyn Ripps at the cocktail hour.
VIEW PHOTO From places far and near, conventioneers gather and enjoy visiting with one another (left to right): Ingrid Lindskog from Sweden, Susan Kiang from Canada, Vivean Scheans from Oregon, and Pat Rose from Florida.
VIEW PHOTO Acting Awards Chairman Paul Kroll congratulating Phyllis King on winning the Horticultural Sweepstakes Award with 9 blue ribbons.
VIEW PHOTO Kazuo Horikoshi, Toshijiro Okuto, and Maryjane Evans discussing the books they successfully bid on at the Friday live auction.
VIEW PHOTO Enjoying the banquet festivities: Vilma Dallas, Leslie Brothers, John and Sue Hodges, Dee and Bob Stewart (left to right rear) and Lilya Veneziano and Alison Lovell (l+r front).
VIEW PHOTO Hard-working Tampa Bay chapter members finally relaxing after the banquet (left to right) Carol Schreck, Jo Anne Martinez, Catie Lindelow, and Mollie Howell.
VIEW PHOTO Tim Tuttle (center) with John Boggan (L) and Bill Price (R) enjoying Frances Batcheller's comments during the auctioned-off private tour of the flower show.
VIEW PHOTO Overall view of the flower show showing a few of the 217 entries from 45 exhibitors.
VIEW PHOTO Dee and Bob Stewart of Massachusetts with their Best in Show plant of Fieldia australis.
VIEW PHOTO Bob Clark with one of his three blue-ribbon arrangements that earned him Sweepstakes in Artistic.
VIEW PHOTO Frances Batcheller and Ben Paternoster leading the Saturday morning Judges critique of the flower show.
VIEW PHOTO Hans Wiehler and John Clark discussing gesneriads in Ecuador (what else?) between Saturday morning lectures.
VIEW PHOTO GRF volunteers Melissa McDowell, Jerry Trowbridge, and Linda Massey enjoying the convention flower show.
VIEW PHOTO Michael Riley displaying an aeschynanthus at the final Live Auction on Saturday -- I guess the comment on Gesneriphiles was right -- we did have one big-wig at convention!
VIEW PHOTO All those high bidders paying up after the final auction closed on Saturday.
VIEW PHOTO Group enjoying Saturday night's Starlite Princess Riverboat Cruise.
VIEW PHOTO The Saturday night cruise gave everyone a chance to relax and enjoy the last evening of convention -- until we all meet again next year.
VIEW PHOTO Heart of America Chapter members all decked out in golden anniversary finery having just finished their song and dance routine "Goin' to Kansas City ... Kansas City here we come ..." -- we'll see you there in July 2001!

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