2004 Convention Flower Show Awards

"Light Up Your Life Gesneriads on Long Island"




SWEEPSTAKES IN HORTICULTURE - to Paul Kroll for 8 blue ribbons
RUNNER-UP TO SWEEPSTAKES IN HORTICULTURE - to Joseph Palagonia for 4 blue ribbons

SWEEPSTAKES IN ARTISTIC - to Karyn Cichocki for 5 blue ribbons

RUNNER-UP TO SWEEPSTAKES IN ARTISTIC - to Paul Kroll for 3 blue ribbons

BEST IN SHOW - to Ben Paternoster for Sinningia tubiflora

RUNNER-UP TO BEST IN SHOW - to Paul Lee for Nematanthus 'Tropicana'

BEST ARTISTIC - to Karyn Cichocki for her arrangement "Orient Point Lighthouse"

BEST IN THE ARTS - to Janet Lee for her watercolor unifoliate Streptocarpus
BEST NEW WORLD TUBEROUS GESNERIAD IN FLOWER - to Ben Paternoster for Sinningia tubiflora
BEST NEW WORLD RHIZOMATOUS GESNERIAD IN FLOWER to Karyn Cichocki for Kohleria 'Green Goblin'
BEST OLD WORLD GESNERIAD IN FLOWER to Paul Kroll for Streptocarpus variegated seedling #2
BEST NEW GESNERIAD IN FLOWER to Dale Martens for Streptocarpus sp. nov. JT-03-06
BEST NEW GESNERIAD NOT IN FLOWER to John Boggan for Chirita 'Little Dragon'
BEST LESSER-KNOWN GESNERIAD to Bill Price for Calcareoboea coccinea
BEST COLLECTION OF GESNERIADS to Paul Kroll for his Petrocosmea Collection
BEST GESNERIAD GROWN BY A NOVICE to Sylvia Taub for Chirita sinensis 'Hisako'
BEST ARRANGEMENT OF FRESH CUT AND/OR GROWING MATERIAL to Beryl Wood for "Cold Spring Harbor Lighthouse"
BEST ARRANGEMENT OF FRESH CUT MATERIAL to Karyn Cichocki for "Race Rock Lighthouse"
BEST ARRANGEMENT OF GROWING GESNERIADS to Karyn Cichocki for "Orient Point Lighthouse"
BEST GROWING MATERIAL PLANTING to Beryl Wood for her trained Columnea 'Sylvia'
BEST IN PHOTOGRAPHY to Sherman Paur for his color print of Gloxinia purpurascens
BEST CRAFT to Janet Lee for her watercolor of a unifoliate Streptocarpus
BEST EDUCATIONAL EXHIBIT to Jeanne Katzenstein for her exhibit "Fabulous Fruit"
BEST GESNERIAD EXHIBITING FRUIT to Olive Ma Robinson for Pentadenia orientandina
BEST RECENTLY REGISTERED GESNERIAD to Bill Price for Chirita 'Cynthia'
BEST SCENTED GESNERIAD to Ben Paternoster for Sinningia tubiflora
BEST MINIATURE SINNINGIA to Daphne Yaremko for Sinningia 'Fantasy Tau'
BEST MICRO-MINIATURE SINNINGIA to Charlene Marietti for Sinningia 'Bright Eyes' x concinna
BEST EPISCIA to Vivian Hiltz for Episcia 'Suomi'
BEST STREPTOCARPUS to Paul Kroll for Streptocarpus variegated seedling #2


Division I - HORTICULTURE - Class Awards

SECTION A - New World Gesneriads in Flower - Tuberous

Class 1 Sinningia speciosa 'Regina' seedling Arleen Dewell

Class 2 Sinningia eumorpha 'Saltao' Wallace Wells

Class 3A Sinningia schiffneri (red leaf) Paul Susi

Class 3B Sinningia tubiflora Ben Paternoster

Class 4 Sinningia 'Fantasy Tau' Daphne Yaremko

Class 5 Sinningia hybrid Mary Bozoian

Class 6 Sinningia 'Bright Eyes' x concinna Charlene Marietti

SECTION B - New World Gesneriads in Flower - Rhizomatous

Class 10A Kohleria 'Green Goblin' Karyn Cichocki

Class 10B Kohleria 'Strawberry Fields' Bill Yager

Class 13 Phinaea sp. USBRG 96-336 Paul Kroll

SECTION C - New World Gesneriads in Flower - Fibrous-Rooted

Class 15A Columnea schiedeana Lee Stradley

Class 15B Coltrichantha 'Midget' Paul Sorano

Class 16 Alsobia species Bob and Dee Stewart

Class 17 Gesneria acaulis WEK9901 Daphne Yaremko

Class 18 Nematanthus 'Tropicana' Paul Lee

Class 19 Cobananthus calochlamys Paul Susi

SECTION D - Old World Gesneriads in Flower

Class 20 Aeschynanthus hians Bob and Dee Stewart

Class 21A Chirita sp. USBRG 98-083 Joseph Palagonia

Class 21B Chirita tamiana Joseph Palagonia

Class 22 Chirita 'Kitaguni' Paul Kroll

Class 23 Petrocosmea flaccida Judy Padalino

Class 24 Saintpaulia grandifolia #237 Joseph Palagonia

Class 25 Saintpaulia 'Picasso' Paul Kroll

Class 27 Saintpaulia 'Child's Play' Bob Clark

Class 28 Saintpaulia 'Rocky Mountain Trail' Bev Promersberger

Class 29 Streptocarpus (Streptocarpella) white Paul Lee

Class 31A Streptocarpus 'Falling Stars' Nancy Ley

Class 31B Streptocarpus variegated seedling #2 Paul Kroll

SECTION E - Gesneriads Grown for Ornamental Qualities Other Than Flowers

Class 33A Chirita sp. USBRG 98-083 Joseph Palagonia

Class 33B Chirita 'Cynthia' Bill Price

Class 34 Episcia 'Kee Wee' Betsy Sherwin

Class 35 Episcia 'Pink Dreams' Paul Kroll

Class 36A Petrocosmea forrestii Paul Kroll

Class 36B Petrocosmea sericea Paul Kroll

Class 36C Petrocosmea rosettifolia G25KC00 Daphne Yaremko

Class 37 Columnea 'Broget Stavanger' Doris Brownlie

Class 38A Trichantha angustifolia JoAnne Martinez

Class 38B Nautilocalyx forgetii Judy Padalino

Class 38C Sinningia leucotricha Kay Rotando

Class 39 Kohleria 'Texas Rainbow' Mary Bozoian

SECTION F - New Gesneriads

Class 40 Streptocarpus sp. nov. JT-03-06 (GHA seed) Dale Martens

Class 41 Streptocarpus sp. "Liliputana" Dale Martens

Class 42 Chirita 'Nimbus' Peter Shalit

Class 43 Chirita 'Little Dragon' John Boggan

SECTION G - Lesser-Known Gesneriads Seldom Grown or Seen in Shows

Class 44 Calcareoboea coccinea Bill Price

SECTION H - Collections of Gesneriads

Class 46 Petrocosmea Collection Paul Kroll

SECTION I - Gesneriads Grown by a Novice

Class 48 Kohleria 'Ganymede' Robin Yager

Class 49 Chirita sinensis 'Hisako' Sylvia Taub



Division II - ARTISTIC - Class Awards

SECTION J - Arrangement of Fresh Cut and/or Growing Plant Material

Class 50 "Sands Point Lighthouse" Karyn Cichocki

Class 51 "Fire Island Lighthouse" Beryl Wood

Class 52 "Montauk Point Lighthouse" Bob Clark

Class 53 "Cold Spring Harbor Lighthouse" Beryl Wood

SECTION K - Arrangement of Fresh Cut Plant Material

Class 54 "Cedar Island Lighthouse" Challenge Class Jill Fischer

Class 55 "Race Rock Lighthouse" Karyn Cichocki

Class 56 "Stepping Stones Lighthouse" Karyn Cichocki

Class 57 "Plum Island Lighthouse" Paul Kroll

SECTION L - Arrangement of Growing Material

Class 58 "Old Field Point Lighthouse Karyn Cichocki

Class 60 "Orient Point Lighthouse" Karyn Cichocki

SECTION M - Growing Material in a Planting

Class 61 Terrarium, straight-sided Paul Kroll

Class 62 Terrarium, curved Charlene Marietti

Class 63 Tray Landscape Charlene Marietti

Class 64 Natural Garden Paul Kroll

Class 65 Columnea 'Sylvia' (trained) Beryl Wood

Class 66 Sinningia pusilla (other container) Charlene Marietti



Division III - THE ARTS - Class Awards

SECTION O - Photography

Class 68 Color transparency Chirita micromusa Julie Mavity-Hudson

Class 69A Color print Rhytidophyllum leucomallon Paul Susi

Class 69B Color print Gloxinia purpurascens Sherman Paur

Class 70 Black and white print Sinningia 'Playful Porpoise' hybrid Dale Martens

SECTION P - Crafts Representing Gesneriads

Class 71 Watercolor of a unifoliate Streptocarpus Janet Lee

Class 72 Textile, Russian tatting, Florist Gloxinias Rohm Gustafson

Class 73 Pin, Columnea 'Early Bird' Cynthia Hutcheson




SECTION R - Educational

Class 76 Exhibit "Fabulous Fruit" Jeanne Katzenstein

Class 77 Exhibit "Henckelia species from Malaysia" Wallace Wells

Class 78 Exhibit "Chirita speciosa" Paul Susi