Anytime Webinar: Growing and Showing Achimenes with Julie Mavity-Hudson

September 28th, 2016 by psusi

Webinar: Growing and Showing Achimenes

Achimenes, sometimes called the hot water plant, are a wonderful addition to any plant collection. What’s more, for those growers who seem never to have enough space for their collection, they can be grown outside in the warmer months. They are ideal for that purpose since the foliage dies back in the winter. These easy to grow plants are quire floriferous, if you know what to do. That’s where Julie Mavity-Hudson comes in. When it comes to Achimenes, she has the Midas touch.

Julie has agreed to share her considerable knowledge and experience growing these versatile plants in a Gesneriad Society webinar which is now available for anytime viewing through March 31, 2017. As an added bonus, each registrant will receive a PDF copy of the special issue of Gesneriads featuring articles on Achimenes.

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