Anytime Webinar: Growing Smaller Rhizomatous Gesneriads – Our Lesser-Known Treasures

March 14th, 2017 by psusi

If you are like many people, when you think of rhizomes you automatically think of achimenes, or smithianthas or kohlerias. But they are just the tip of the rhizomatous iceberg. There are quite a few lesser-known little beauties that don’t get the attention they deserve. And many are quite easy to grow. Now, their time has come. On March 21st, Dr. Jeremy Keene, a recognized expert on Monopyle and co-chair of The Gesneriad Society’s Conservation Committee, presented a webinar on growing Diastema, Phinaea, Amalophyllon, Chautemsia, Gloxinella and their hybrids. Don’t be put off by their names. If you do, you will be missing a real treat.

This webinar is now available for anytime viewing and can be purchased in the Shop.

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