Special Webinar: The Master Class in Hybridizing

May 24th, 2018 by psusi

Master Class: Hybridizing Gesneriads

This webinar is a four-part downloadable program created by The Gesneriad Society to help those looking to either get started on a hybridizing adventure or fine-tune their existing programs. The classes start with a program on the basics of genetics. This is followed by in-depth sessions on saintpaulias, streptocarpus and sinningias.

The presenters for this unique program consists of professionals renowned in their areas. The lecturers for this series include:

  • Jeff Smith, a botanist known for his expertise in the saintpaulia species
  • Dale Martens, the chairperson of the Gesneriad Hybridizers Association and hybridizer of the Heartland’s, Iced, and Dale’s series of plants
  • Pat Hancock, famed hybridizer of the beautifully variegated violet Buckeye series and owner of Buckeye African Violets, joined by Mel Grice, First Vice President of the Gesneriad Society
  • Karen Allen, a hybridizer looking to strengthen some of the fantasy characteristics in streptocarpus and the creator of the “3S” series of streptocarpus
  • Jeremy Stevens, a prolific hybridizer working to get more yellow into his sinningias and the creator of the “JS” series of sinningias

The sessions are as follows:

  • Genetics (40 minutes)
  • Hybridizing Saintpaulias (21 minutes)
  • Hybridizing Sinningias (43 minutes)
  • Hybridizing Streptocarpus (51 minutes)

While the program will definitely help wanna-be hybridizers get started, there is a lot there for those who are more advanced. Some of the other issues discussed include:

  • Foliage variegation
  • Fantasy blooms
  • Culling
  • Setting hybridizing goals
  • Selection of parents for various traits
  • And much more

The $19.95 price is for all four sessions. Click here to order.

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