Webinar: Growing Gesneriads Outside

April 21st, 2018 by psusi

Once upon a time, notes Michael Riley, all plants were born outside. Yet most folks who grow African violets and other gesneriads grow them indoors. But not everyone; the four speakers featured in this Gesneriad Society webinar will share their adventures in various aspects of outdoor growing.

This 60-minute armchair journey begins with Michael Riley standing in snow on the roof of his New York City building and ends with Mary Schaeffer explaining how she takes advantage of all-day direct sun and complete shade to grow certain gesneriads in her Delaware garden. Paul Susi shares his experiences growing outside in pots in his suburban Long Island backyard, and Alcie Maxwell in Louisiana discusses growing gesneriads as originally intended, right in the ground in his garden

Please join us for this very enjoyable and informative hour. After seeing this session, you will be inspired to give a few of your own gesneriads an outside vacation this summer. You can download your own copy of this webinar here.

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