Webinars Celebrate Two Years with a Price Reduction!

October 5th, 2017 by psusi

Webinar: Growing and Showing African VioletsTo celebrate two years of successful webinars, The Gesneriad Society announces a decrease in the price of download webinars to $14.95 each.  Add these educational programs to your library of reference materials to view colorful photos and hear the expert speakers give practical tips on how to grow your gesneriads.  You’ll find a webinar for: Streptocarpus, Primulina, Achimenes, Kohleria, Petrocosmea, Episcia, and three for sinningias and two for African violets.  In addition there is one on Artistic Design Arrangements.  All existing webinars are also set up for streaming for $9.95.  See all that are available here.

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