Committees and Staff

To contact someone by email, use the links below. If you are unable to contact someone by email, you may contact Winston Goretsky

Committee Chairpersons

  • Awards of Appreciation: Molly Schneider
  • Bylaws: Paul Susi
  • Chapters and Affiliates: Karyn Cichocki
  • Conservation: Stephen Maciejewski and Dr. Jeremy Keene, Co-Chairs
  • Conventions: Mel Grice
  • Development: Austin Grevious
  • Elvin McDonald Research Endowment Fund: Dr. Alain Chautems
  • Finance: Michael Riley
  • Frances Batcheller Endowment Fund: Tom Bruning
  • Gesneriad Hybridizers Association (GHA): Dale Martens; Membership – Martha Lacy
  • Gesneriad Registrar: Irina Nicholson
  • Historian: Elizabeth Varley
  • Insurance: Barbara Festenstein
  • Internet Communications: Ron Myhr; Webmaster – Hung Nguyen; Store Manager – Terri Vicenzi; Events – Karyn Cichocki
  • Membership Promotion: Dale Martens; Exchange Ads – Hung Nguyen; Gleanings – Mel Grice
  • Merchandise: Hung Nguyen
  • Nellie D. Sleeth Scholarship Endowment Fund: Jonathan Ertelt
  • Nominating: Barbara Borleske
  • Photography: Julie Mavity-Hudson
  • Properties: Austin Grevious
  • Publications: Dave Zaitlin
  • Review: Mel Grice
  • Seed Fund: Carolyn Ripps (Species); Gussie Farrice (Hybrids)
  • Shows and Judging: Judy Zinni and Paul Susi (co-chairs); Appraisal: Editor – Mel Grice, Subscriptions – Jill Fischer
  • Standing Rules: Paul Susi
  • Students and Speakers Convention Fund: Mel Grice
  • Student Convention Grants: Jeanne Katzenstein and Stephen Maciejewski, Co-Chairs

Appointed Staff

  • Membership Secretary: Bob Clark
  • Parliamentarian: Paul Susi


  • Gesneriads Journal: Editor Peter – Shalit; Business Manager – Michael Riley; Advertising Manager – Tom Bruning; Events – Ray Coyle and Karyn Cichocki
  • Gleanings E-Zine: Editor – Mel Grice
  • Appraisal Judges Interest Group Newsletter: Editor – Mel Grice; Subscriptions – Jill Fischer
  • CrossWords Gesneriad Hydridizers Association Newsletter: Editor – Jay Sespico; Subscriptions – Martha Lacy