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Gesneriad Classification

Gesneriad are divided into three classifications. The classes are based on underground structures. This is the same format used in gesneriad flower shows. The root stucture also has an effect on culture.

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Gesneriad Propagation

Gesneriads are among the easiest plants to propagate. This is one reason for their immense popularity. From even the smallest cutting, it is possible to grow another plant. Gesneriads are easily shared between growers.

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Producing Gesneriad Seed

Producing seed with gesneriads isn’t difficult. At the most basic level, it simply involves transferring pollen from the anthers to the stigma. This article deals with self-pollinating a hybrid or species, to produce seed of its self.

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Gesneriad Suppliers

Gesneriad suppliers are an important part of the gesneriad community. The firms listed below support The Gesneriad Society by advertising in our journal Gesneriads. Among them, they offer a wide variety of gesneriads, related plants, resource materials and supplies. Note: clicking the links below will take you out of this website and to the website or email contact of a third party.

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