The Gesneriad Society Seed Fund

One of the valuable benefits of membership in The Gesneriad Society is the opportunity to purchase seeds from the Seed Fund. Please log in and go to Member area to see the instruction of ordering seeds.

Hundreds of rare and unusual species and hybrids are available by mail order, thanks to generous donations from members and other growers. Here are the current lists for seeds.

Growing gesneriads from seed enables members to acquire plants that are not readily available from any other source. A complimentary packet of mixed seed is sent to each new member, providing an introduction to several different types of plants that are found in the family.

Seeds are also available for purchase by members attending the annual Gesneriad Society convention.

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Contributing to the Seed Fund

The lists of available species and hybrid seeds just keep getting bigger and better. All of the seed comes from donations by members and friends. Their generosity enables all of us to have access to an incredible variety of plant treasures.

You can help by harvesting ripe seeds from your gesneriad plants. Many requests are for seed of common plants, so even a small amount of fresh seed from an old favorite is welcome and appreciated.  Each type of seed should be individually wrapped in tissue paper or other thin paper, but not in plastic. Fold the ends and top of the paper over two times and don’t use tape. Place each in a separate envelope with the name of the seed and the date when it was collected. Pre-cleaning the seed is appreciated, but not necessary.

All seed donations should be sent to:

Karyn Cichocki
79 Beaver Run Road
Lafayette, NJ 07848 USA