Officers and Directors


Members of the Board of Directors elect three officers (to serve two-year terms) with elections held at a Board Meeting each year at convention. The current officers (and terms) are:

  • President: Mel Grice (2021 – 23)
  • 1st Vice-President: Winston Goretsky (2021 – 23)
  • 2nd Vice-President: Karyn Cichocki (2021 – 23)
  • Recording Secretary: Leonard Re (2021 – 23)
  • Treasurer: Phyllis Savage (2020 – 22)

Board of Directors (voting)

The Board consists of 21 directors who serve staggered terms. The membership elects seven directors to serve three-year terms with elections held at the Annual Membership Meeting each year at convention. The current directors are:

Term ending in 2022

Laura Buckner, Rick Fadden, Eileen McGrath, Phyllis Savage, Mary Schaeffer, Kathy Spissman, Terri Vicenzi

Term ending in 2023

Jeremy Keene, Steve Kerr, Julie Mavity-Hudson, Hung Nguyen, Irina Nicholson, Leonard Re, Elizabeth Varley

Term ending in 2023

Karyn Cichocki, Winston Goretsky, Mel Grice, Austin Grevious, Marilyn Heinrich, Mary Jo Modica, Ron Myhr

Advisory Board of Past Presidents (non-voting)

Michael Riley (1985-1989), Lee Linett (1993-1997), Jon Dixon (1997-2001), Susan Grose (2001-2005), Peter Shalit (2007-2011), Paul Susi (2011-2015), Julie Mavity-Hudson (2015-2019).

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