Student Convention Grants

We are pleased to announce the Gesneriad Society Student Convention Grants will again  be awarded to students interested in or actively studying the plant family Gesneriaceae. The grants will provide registration, accommodation costs and/or some expenses for students to attend our annual international convention. For more information about the convention, visit the Conventions link on this website.

The grants have been established to promote participation in the convention by students and tomorrow’s researchers and to encourage students to undertake research in the Gesneriaceae. Grants will be awarded on a competitive basis. It is expected that each award recipient will present a 10-to-12-minute program at the convention. This year we will also be considering presentations prepared virtually.

Guidelines for application for a Student Convention Grant

Applications are due by March 31st. Applicants should send the following materials with the subject line: Student Convention Grant Application) in an attachment (preferably a single PDF document) to the Student Convention Grant Coordinator and include:

  • Name, institutional affiliation, and all contact information: address, phone, and email.
  • A 300 to 500 word description of why the applicant should attend the convention including comments about education and research goals and how attending convention will help advance these goals.
  • A curriculum vitae (CV), not to exceed two US letter-sized pages.
  • The title and brief description of the talk to be presented. As an example, Jane Doe would label her file Doe_J_PDF. This year, talks may be presented in person at convention or prepared for virtual presentation.

Applications exceeding the specified length for description and CV will not be accepted.

In addition to the application, a signed letter of recommendation (as a separate document) should be sent from the applicant’s major advisor or faculty representative to the Student Convention Grant Coordinator with the applicant’s name in the subject line, e.g., Recommendation Letter for Jane Doe Student Convention Grant Application.

Grant recipients will be notified by email of their award status by April 30. Awards will cover registration costs, some meals, and shared-room accommodations for up to five nights during the convention (or may cover other expenses if fewer accommodation nights are desired). Some travel expenses may also be covered. Incidentals and other activities will be at the expense of the grant recipient.

The Gesneriad Society’s annual conventions offer enthusiasts and researchers alike the opportunity to come together to see and discuss an array of living gesneriads, to hear programs and workshops about recent research, field work, specific genera, and culture of gesneriads.

If you have any questions about the application or this year’s convention, please email the Student Convention Grant Coordinator.