Apply For a Student Scholarship

The Gesneriad Society, Inc. encourages educational study and research on the Gesneriaceae by providing awards from the Nellie D. Sleeth Scholarship Endowment Fund (hereafter, NDSSEF) to students currently enrolled in a college or university who seek a better understanding of the anatomy, ecology, physiology, relationships, distribution, growth and development, horticultural uses, or the pests and diseases of gesneriads.

One award (currently about $4,500) from the NDSSEF is made each year to a student for a variety of specific purposes, e.g., travel during fieldwork to gather specimens or observe pollinators, or travel to examine specimens in herbaria or botanical gardens.  Awards may also be used for manuscript preparation, photography, microscopy, molecular or ecological studies, and to supplement other funding that the student may receive.  Advice on the fundability of the research may be sought from the NDSSEF Committee Chair whose name is below.

Guidelines for application for funds from the Nellie D. Sleeth Scholarship Endowment Fund

  1. Educational study and research funded by the NDSSEF should be carried out at or under the auspices of a college or university, or equivalent so that adequate facilities, library, and equipment are available to conduct the studies.
  2. Students can submit applications for awards by following these guidelines, or applications may be made on the student’s behalf.  Items that must be part of the application include (the first four items should occupy no more than four single-spaced pages):
    • Title of project
    • Name, address, telephone, and email address of the applicant
    • Brief abstract including the amount of funds requested
    • Description of project including objectives and significance of research
    • Literature cited
    • Budget, including mention of possible matching or other funds available for the research
    • Curriculum vitae of the applicant
    • Names, with addresses (preferably email), of persons who might provide letters of recommendation or evaluation of the research, if needed.
  3. The complete application (postmarked no later than 1 April) should be sent to the NDSSEF Committee Chair whose name and address appears below and from whom additional information may be sought.  The application should be sent as an attachment to an email message, with a signed copy sent by mail or fax by the deadline.  The application will be reviewed by the NDSSEF Committee, and if worthy of an award, a recommendation for funding will be sent to The Gesneriad Society President for approval.  The Gesneriad Society President will grant no awards without prior approval by the NDSSEF Committee. The award winner will be announced by the end of June.
  4. A strict accountability of funds must be made to The Gesneriad Society and/or the NDSSEF Committee, and a brief report must be presented soon after the completion of the funded project.  The report may be in the form of an article for publication in Gesneriads  (or other journal with a brief summary for Gesneriads) and must include an acknowledgement of support by the NDSSEF.  A copy of the publication or a written final report must be submitted to the NDSSEF Committee.  Award recipients are encouraged to support The Gesneriad Society with articles, plants, seeds, photographs, and information related to the research.
  5. Awards will not be renewed to support continuation of education or research.  New studies by the same applicant, however, may be funded following the same procedures for application provided that a report of the initial research was submitted.  Subsequent funding to the same student will be looked upon with less favor to encourage students to look elsewhere for funding and to encourage applications by others.
  6. The NDSSEF Committee and The Gesneriad Society shall neither be held liable for any action the student might take while using the awarded funds nor be responsible for any tax implications of the award.

Send completed applications to:
Jonathan Ertelt, Chair
Nellie D. Sleeth Scholarship Endowment Fund Committee
120 Oak Street
Sewanee, TN  37375 USA Email