Primulina ‘Chiaki’

Primulina ‘Chiaki’, IR141251, Toshijiro Okuto, Kakogawa, Japan. (P. dryas ‘Angustifolia ’ x P. lutea)’. Cross made Oct. 29, 2008, planted Mar.3, 2009 and first flowered Oct. 10, 2012. Sterile. Reproducible only vegetatively. Rosette. Leaves yellowish-green with silver vein, 130 mm long x 65 mm wide, 70mm petiole, elliptic with serrate margin, cuneate base and acute tip. Calyx split, red-purple (RHS 70C}, 10 mm. Pedicel 22 mm, no. of flowers per axil–3-4.  Corolla salverform, 50mm long, 13mm wide, yellow (RHS 9C). Distinguishing characteristics: The big bract is red-purple and waved. This is quite different from the pale-green and smooth one of Primulina lutea or the other hybrids with it.

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