Primulina ‘Silver Feather’

Primulina Silver Feather’, 2017, IR171393, registered by Wen-Jun Lv, Sheng Huang, Hong-Tao Liu, Wuhan, China. Mutation of Primulina fimbrisepala Handel-Mazetti.

Discovered in 2015 in a group of this species grown in a conservation facility. Fertile. Basal rosette. Dark green leaves with silver-white pattern, 6-14 cm long, 4.3-8.5 cm wide with 4-8.5 cm petiole, ovate with cuneate to oblique base, serrate margin and acute tip, hairy. Calyx split, chocolate brown,7-10 mm long. Pedicel 3-8.5 cm long with 3-4 flowers per axil. Corolla infundibuliform, 5-7.2 cm long x 1.8-2.3 wide, purple.

Silver-white feather patch goes all the way along the central vein of the leaf blade and can be as wide as one third of the width of the blade.  It can be cultivated in Central, Eastern and Southern China with an optimum growth temperature range 15-28℃ .

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