Sinningia ‘Arkansas Empress’

SinningiaArkansas Empress’, 2010, IR101142, Jon Lindstrom, AR. (S. insularis x S. conspicua). Cross made Sept. 16, 2006, planted Oct. 23, 2006 and first flowered Aug. 23, 2007. Sterile and reproducible only vegetatively.  Tuberous, upright plant, typically with ternate leaves (three per node).Leaves hairy, dark green (RHS N137B), stems and petiole red purple (RHS 59A), 136.5 mm long x 112.3 mm wide with 50.7 mm petiole, ovate with margin between serrate and crenate, short acuminate tip and cordate base. Calyx split, green, 13.82 mm long, pedicel 65.6 mm (flowers at top of plant have a shorter pedicel) with 6-8 flowers in a cyme. Corolla salverform, 51.2 mm long x 26.3 mm wide, salmon-red exterior (RHS 41D), pink red interior (RHS 55B). A stout, erect, tuberous Sinningia with slightly fragrant (citrus-lemon)salmon-red flowers. The upper four or five nodes each bear cymose inflorescences. The ovate leaves with red-purple petioles and red-purple stems are also distinctive.

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