Sinningia ‘Judy Becker’

Sinningia ‘Judy Becker’, 2018, IR181413, hybridized by David Zaitlin, KY, Dee Stewart, MA. (S. bullata x S. tubiflora). Reproducible only vegetatively. Upright habit, stem length 30cm. Leaves medium green (RHS 137B), 20cm long, 13 cm wide, with 4 cm petiole, orbicular with cordate base, crenate margin and rounded tip. Calyx split, green with a little red, 1cm long. Pedicel 8 cm long with up to 8 flowers per axil. Corolla salverform 4cm long, 3.5 cm wide, tube coral, face light coral, throat rose with dark red-purple spots. Upright, very floriferous. Stems red. Green, slightly bullate leaves hairy below with sparse not readily visible hairs on upper leaf surface. Hairs on other plant parts.

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