Smithiantha ‘Ezra Altamont’

Smithiantha ‘Ezra Altamont’. 1996, IR96509, Keith Jacobson, ND. (S. ‘ Santa Barbara’ x S. cinnabarina). Cross made Oct. 20, 1994, planted Mar. 19, 1995 and first flowered Sept. 7, 1995. Plants tall and upright, self-branching from first and/or second node. All leaves covered with red hairs, lower leaves dark green mottled with light green, upper leaves dark green to maroon. Leaves 18 cm long, 16 cm wide with 7 cm petiole, orbicular with acute tip and cordate base, crenate margin. Calyx green, split and triangular, 0.5 cm long. 30 to 35 flowers in 18-23 cm long terminal raceme. Corolla infunduliform, nodding, 4 cm long, 2 cm in diameter. Flowers pale peach on top of tube fading to ivory on underside, unspotted ivory lobes and throat. Flowers much lighter in color than seed parent with no markings in throat. Self-branching growth habit from base of plant produces multiple racemes.

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