Smithiantha ‘Pat’s Pet Chipmunk’

Smithiantha ‘Pat’s Pet Chipmunk’, 2006, IR06939, Gary Dunlap, MO. (S. ‘Golden Leopard; x S. canarina). Cross made Dec. 20, 2000, planted Mar. 28, 2001 and first flowered Sept. 15, 2001. Reproducible only vegetatively. Erect, to 35 cm tall. Leaves light green with yellow-green variegation, indentation where variegated, bullate, hairy, 10 cm long x 6 cm wide with 7 cm petiole, orbicular with serrate margin, acute tip and cordate base. Calyx green, split, 6 mm long. 4 cm pedicel. Corolla salverform, 4 cm long x 2 cm wide, pink tube, white lobes with faint pink dots, yellow throat. Available from Pat’s Pets.

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