Smithiantha ‘Pat’s Pet Llama’

Smithiantha ‘Pat’s Pet Llama’. 2006, IR06951, Gary Dunlap, MO. (S. ‘ Texas Campfire Embers’ x S. ‘Red King’). Cross made Dec. 20, 2000, planted Mar. 28, 2001 and first flowered Sept. 15, 2001. Reproducible only vegetatively. Erect, 25 cm tall. Leaves olive green heavily covered with red hairs, red veins, 10 cm long x 8 cm wide, 5 cm petiole, orbicular with serrate margin, acute tip and cordate base. Calyx split, green, 6 mm long. 4 cm pedicel. Corolla salverform, 4.5 cm long x 2.5 cm wide, tube pink on top, cream on bottom with pink spots, lobes and throat cream with large pink dots. Produces multiple inflorescences that bloom at the same time. Available from Pat’s Pets.

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