Smithiantha ‘Summer Sunshine’

Smithiantha ‘Summer Sunshine’. 1966, IR66092, Ted Bona, PA. [Smithiantha multiflora x (S. zebrina x cinnabarina). Cross made 1963, first flowered 1964. Very robust grower, tattaining a height from 1 to 2 ft. Foliage and stems are covered with red hairs, petioles 1 ¾ in. long, 18 to 22 flowers to a raceme. . Leaves 4 in. long x 5 in. wide, green with purple along veins, covered with red hairs giving a mottled effect, underside of foliage is heavily mottled but the hairs are less pronounced. Flowers 1 ¾ in. long x 1 ¼ in. wide, outside corolla brilliant yellow (5Y 9/9) inside corolla vivid yellow (5Y 8/12-)


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