Streptocarpus ‘Dancing Bees’

Streptocarpus ’Dancing Bees’. 2001, IR01750, T. Okuto, (unnamed Okuto hybrid #138 x ‘Maihime’). Cross made Oct. 26, 1997, planted Apr. 16, 1998 and first flowered Jan. 24, 1999. Fertile but reproducible only vegetatively. Compact rosette. Leaves hairy, green, 15 cm long x 6 cm wide, linear with serrate mar­gin, rounded tip and cuneate base. Calyx split, light green with purple tip, 3 mm long; pedicel 12 mm; 2-3 flowers per peduncle. Corolla salverform, 48 mm long x 33 mm wide, dark purple-violet (RRS 81A), upper lobes paler. Small deep purple-violet flow­ers with narrower leaves than ‘Maihime’.

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