Streptocarpus ‘UA-Star Wind’

Streptocarpus ‘UA-Star Wind’, 2011, IR111153, Julia Sklvarova, Ukraine. (S. ‘Bristol’s Red Typhoon’ x S. ‘Moonlit Velvet’). Cross made Oct. 7, 2008, planted Dec. 22, 2008 and first flowered Sept. 3, 2009. Fertile but reproducible only vegetatively. Rosette. Leaves green, 25 cm long x 7 cm wide, elliptic to oblong with undulate margin and acute tip.  Calyx fused, pigmented. Pedicel 9-10 cm with 3-6 flowers per peduncle. Corolla salverform, 4 cm long x 6 cm wide, dark violet with white “Stars” speckles, thin white border.

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