xBrigandra ‘Lily Wilson’

xBrigandra ‘Lily Wilson’. 1998, IR98517, Maureen and Brian Wilson, Scotland, UK, (Briggsia aurantiaca x Opithandra primuloides ). Cross made May, 1994, planted September, 1994, and first flowered May, 1996. Plant is only vegetatively reproducible. A seedling selection from xBrigandra calliantha, it is vigorous, forming a 19 cm diameter rosette by its second year. Having shorter peduncles, it is a neater plant. Hairy leaves are mid green, 7 cm long, 5 cm wide with 3 cm petiole, ovate, with acute tip and cuneate base. Serrate margin is also wavy, not characteristic of the other seedlings. Green calyx, split, 0.5 cm long, peduncle 5-7 cm long, pedicel 2-3 cm with 2-8 flowers per pedicel. Corolla tube somewhat funnelform, but sides are almost parallel to calyx, petals spreading, 2.7 cm long, 1 cm in diameter. Corolla ivory, suffused plum on tube, and ivory streaked deeper plum on petals and in throat.

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