xPhinastema ‘California Dreaming’

xPhinastema ‘California Dreaming’. 1996, IR96497, Dale Martens, TX. [1994] (Phinaea albolineatax Diastema comiferum ). Compact, upright and branching from a rosette base. Leaves dark green upper surface, maroon stems and reverse of leaves. Leaves elliptic with acute tip and cuneate base, serrate margins, bullate and hairy, 8 cm long, 4 cm wide with 1.3 cm petiole. Calyx split, 1.1 cm long, maroon outside, inside green with maroon stripes. Pedicel to 2 cm long, 4 blossoms per leaf axil. Corolla tube white outside with bright reddish purple limb, throat white with reddish purple stripes. Flowers last up to 4 days as compared to 1-2 days for the seed parent. Plants were shown in bud at the 1995 AGGS Convention Flower Show. The flowers wilted, however, and the plant did not bloom again until February 1996.

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