xSinvana/i> ‘Mount Nebo’’

xSinvana ‘Mount Nebo’, 2011, IR111164, Jon Lindstrom, AK. (Paliavana prasinata x S. insularis). Cross made Nov. 2, 2009, planted Apr. 2, 2010 and first flowered Sept. 23, 2010. Sterile and reproducible only vegetatively. Shrubby growth habit, branching at each node, branches terminate in cymes, each with 3-4 flowers. Leaves green (RHS 143B), 103.3 mm long x 65.9 mm wide with 13 mm petiole, ovate with serrate margin, acute tip and cordate to rounded base. Calyx split, yellow-green (RHS 149A), 17.6mm long. Pedicel 33 mm long with 3-4 flower cymose inflorescence. Corolla salverform, 38.1 mm long x 24.8 mm wide, exterior light red (RHS 37B), interior lighter red (RHS 36D). Cultivar branches at each node so plant is floriferous with each branch terminating in cymose inflorescences each with 3-4 light red to peach flowers. Base of plant is swollen and corky in appearance.

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