xSmithicodonia ‘Cerulean Mink’

xSmithicodonia ‘Cerulean Mink’. 1968, IR68097, registered by Henry C. Peterson, OH. [Robert E. Lee, NY] (as xEucodonopsis). Date of cross not given. First flowered 1966? (Smithiantha multiflora x Eucodonia ehrenbergii). The plant resembles E. andrieuxii, growing slightly taller, 10 to 12 in. high with larger leaves, leaf blades 5 in. long x 4 in. wide, nice branching habit. Flowers are also quite similar, a blue-lavender slipper type, many with the yellow spot in the throat. Some seem to have a water marked effect in the flowers. The leaves are medium green, quite quilted, quite hairy both above and underside.

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