Columnea ‘Jude’

Columnea ‘Jude’ , 2020, IR201514, registered by Ron Myhr, Canada. Parentage unknown. Date of cross ca.1980, reproducible only vegetatively. Growth habit upright/spreading, with indeterminate stems that start upright, but spread at maturity. Leaves mid-green, 35 mm long, 20 mm wide with 5 mm petiole, ovate with cuneate base, entire margin and acute tip. Calyx mid-green, split, 12 mm long. Pedicel 5 mm long, 1 flower per leaf axil. Corolla hooded, 60 mm long x 10 mm wide, orangey-pink, RGB213/67/104, similar to pantone 2346c. It was distributed in Minnesota many years ago, kept in cultivation by Jude Neumann, in honor of whom it is named. Vigorous and adaptable with an unusual orangey-pink flower color, white berries, potentially very floriferous, blooms best on established plants often from “old wood”. Can be spectacular.

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