Glabrella ‘GCCC’s Taro Creamy Custard Bun’

GlabrellaGCCC’s Taro Creamy Custard Bun’, 2020, IR201490, hybridized by Fang Wen, Yi-Gang Wei, Longi-Fei Fu, Guilin, China. (G. longipes x G. leiophylla). Cross made 11.18.2015, seeds planted 02.05.2016, first flowered 11.30.2017. Sterile. Reproducible only vegetatively. Basal rosette.  Leaves green, abaxial surface brownish green, young leaves usually brownish purple to brownish green, thick, glabrous both surfaces, coriaceous,  varying length , 5-11 cm long, 2-6 cm wide, 3-9 cm long petiole, elliptic to ovate to oblong with cuneate to oblique base, entire margin and acute to rounded tip, smooth. Calyx spit, green, ca.1 cm long. Pedicel 1-2 cm long with ca. 4 or more flowers per axil. Corolla ventricose, 5.5-6.5 cm long, 3-3.5 cm wide, elegant pale purple at corolla lobes, corolla tube pale yellow with brown spots. Prefers bright scattered natural light, moist but well drained calcium rich substrate (pH equal or above 7), do not overfertilize.

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