Primulina ‘WYG’s Purple Sunset’

Primulina ‘WYG’s Purple Sunset’, 2015, IR151302, Fang Wen; Yi-Gang Wei; Zhi-Guo Zhao; Guangxi Institute of Botany & Gesneriads Conservation Center of China, Guangxi, China (P. minutimaculata   P. lutea). Cross made 07/14/13, planted 10/22/13, and first flowered 08/03/14.  Reproducible only vegetatively. Basal rosette.  Leaves green with pale yellow to yellow veins, ca. 11 cm long x ca.7.5 cm wide with 6-9 cm petiole, elliptic with entire margin, cuneate base and acute tip, smooth. Calyx split, reddish purple, ca.1.6 cm long. Pedicel ca. 3 cm, ca.16 flowers per axil. Corolla salverform, ca. 5.5 cm long, ca. 3 cm wide, bright purple with dark purple stripes. The bright purple corolla with dark purple stripes and lots of flowers on one cyme are not present in all other garden varieties and natural species. The veins on leaves have the color of leather while the seed parent has yellow veins. Texture of the leaf blade is intermediate between the parents. Prefers bright natural light; moist but well-drained substrate; calcium-rich but do not overfertilize.

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