Gesneriads in Tibet

Visit the top of the world with Wen Fang and a research group of Chinese conservationists, botanists, taxonomists, and explorers. They visited Tibet on two expeditions in 2018 and 2020 and spent 46 days exploring for gesneriads, begonias, orchids, ferns and other plants.

At least 60 species of gesneriads, in 9 genera were collected. Many plants were brought back to the Gesneriad Conservation Center of China in Guilin, China. You will have a rare opportunity to see beautiful gesneriads and other plants never or seldom seen before from the comfort of your home.

Dr. Wen Fang is Director of the Gesneriad Conservation Center of China in Guilin. He also serves on the Gesneriad Committee of the China Wild Plant Conservation Association and the National Gesneriaceae Germplasm Resources Bank of the Guangxi Institute of Botany. He has been a key contributor to our increased understanding of the Asian Gesneriaceae, and has worked collaboratively with the Gesneriad Society to this end.



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