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Since many of us grow gesneriads outside, here is a quick reference guide to plant hardiness as it relates to winter temperatures.

Note that his is just a general guide to plant hardiness.
Your own growing conditions should be taken into consideration:
wind, how sheltered the plants are, whether they are in pots or in the ground, etc.

55º: Chrysothemis, most Episcia, Nautilocalyx
50º: Alloplectus, Columnea, Rufodorsia, Seemannia
45º: Achimenes, Drymonia, Eucodonia, Gesneria, Gloxinia perennis, Kohleria, Smithiantha
40º: Aeschynanthus, Codonanthe
35º-40º: Petrocosmea, some Primulina, Sinningia, Streptocarpus
Light Frost: Alsobia, Seemannia nematanthodes, Seemannia sylvatica, Nematanthus

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