2020 Virtual Flower Show

Welcome to the 2020 Virtual Flower Show, with 345 entries from 92 exhibitors. The show is arranged in four galleries. Click on one to have a choice of the various classes in a gallery, then click on the first image to start the slide show. Navigation controls will appear at the top of each image. Click on the quotation marks to toggle information on or off.

All flower shows involve more than exhibitors. For this virtual show, you participated by voting for the Virtual Flower Show People’s Choice winners. The top seven vote getters (there was a three-way tie for one spot) are listed below in class order and will also appear in Gesneriads. Click on Master Entry List on the right for a complete list of all the entries.

    • Class 2 – Sinningia speciosa unnamed Charles Lawn Hybrid exhibited by Eileen McGrath, Ontario, Canada
    • Class 3 – Seemannia nematanthodes exhibited by Panagiotis Mperetzikis, Thessaloniki, Greece
    • Class 6 – Columnea ‘Broget Stavanger’ exhibited by Jiaqi Qin, Shanghai, China
    • Class 6 – Episcia hybrid exhibited by McArthur Cababan, Bukidnon, Philippines
    • Class 7 – Primulina lutea exhibited by Zhang-Jie Huang, Guilin, China
    • Class 9 – Streptocarpus ‘Dale’s Baby Bluebirds’ exhibited by Dale Martens, Illinois, USA
    • Class 12 – Primulina sinovietnamica exhibited by Hong Xin, Anhui, China

Paul Susi – Virtual Show Coordinator; Karyn Cichocki, Paulo Castello da Costa, Mel Grice and Hung Nguyen – Classification Team; Alcie Maxwell – Photo Preparation; Jeanne Katzenstein and Dale Martens – Proofing; Julie Mavity-Hudson – Webmaster; Peter Shalit – Editor, Gesneriads