2018 Convention – Chairpersons

Gesneriads POP in New England!
July 3 to July 7, 2018

Convention Jo Anne Martinez
Convention Coordinator Jeanne Katzenstein
Convention Registrar Mary Helen Maran
Development Committee/Auction Betsy Gottshall / Tom Bruning and Doris Brownlie
Phytosanitary Inspections Mary Helen Maran and Paul Susi
Shows & Judging Arleen Dewell
Awards Paul Susi
Local Convention Chair Phyllis Savage
Artwork Tricia McCann
Booklet & Convention Packet Patricia Savage
Plant Sales Mel Grice and John and Keri Buell
Publicity Maureen Pratt and Gloria Utzig
Speakers Dee Stewart
Special Events & Transportation Stuart Hammer
Table Favors Mary and Paula Bozoian
Treasurer Phyllis Savage
Volunteers Patricia and Phyllis Savage
Flower Show Co-Chairs Michael Riley and Betsy Szymczak
Artistic Schedule Marcia Kilpatrick
Classification Elizabeth Varley
Plant Inspection Jon Dixon
Entries Jim Roberts
 Judges & Clerks Eileen McGrath
Placement Bob Clark
Plant Maintenance Dick Macnair
Reservations – Divisions II & III Karyn Cichocki
Reservations – Division IV Betsy Szymczak
 Staging Rick Fadden


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