2024 Convention – Chairpersons

Gesneriads Meet in St. Louis

June 30 to July 6, 2024

Convention Chair Mel Grice
Convention Coordinator Jeanne Katzenstein
Convention Registrar Mary Helen Maran
Convention Program Coordinator Ron Myhr
Convention Events/Promotion Coordinator Maureen Mark
Development Committee/Auction Austin Grevious
Phytosanitary Inspections Scott Ammann
Shows and Judging Judy Zinni and Paul Susi
Awards Paul Susi
Local Convention Chairs Ralph Olliges
Artwork Morgan Le Gall and Scott Ammann
Booklet and Convention Packet George Kloppe and Norma Redstone
Plant Sales Mel Grice and Josh Higgins
Publicity Wilma Devlin and Ralph Olliges
Speakers George Kloppe and Ralph Olliges
Special Events and Transportation Ralph Olliges
Table Favors Susan Bradford
Treasurer Mike Kriz
Volunteers Deb Donaldson
Flower Show Co-Chairs Linda Hall and Scott Amman
Artistic Schedule Mel Grice and Karyn Cichocki
Classification – Division I Hung Nguyen
Classification – Divisions II, III, IV Scott Ammann
Plant Inspection Edna Alexander
Entries Karyn Cichocki
Judges and Clerks Judy Niemira
Placement & Plant Maintenance Vickie Avery
Reservations – Divisions II/III/IV Linda Hall
Staging Fran Russom