2022 Convention – Chairpersons

Gesneriads In the Pacific Gateway
July 4 to July 9, 2022

Convention Jo Anne Martinez
Convention Coordinator Jeanne Katzenstein
Convention Registrar Mary Helen Maran
Convention Program Coordinator Ron Myhr
Development Committee/Auction Austin Grevious and Tom Bruning
Phytosanitary Inspections Paul Susi and Mary Helen Maran
Shows and Judging Arleen Dewell
Awards Paul Susi
Local Convention Co-Chairs Sally Robinson and M.J. Tyler
Artwork M.J. Tyler and Hung Nguyen
Booklet and Convention Packet Sally Robinson and Shirley Graves
Plant Sales Mel Grice and Austin Grevious
Publicity Heather Dunn and Doreen Hovermale
Speakers Peter Shalit
Special Events and Transportation Lynette Miller and Carrie Perry
Table Favors Cathleen Graves
Treasurer Austin Grevious
Volunteers  Lynette Miller and Doreen Hovermale
Flower Show Co-Chairs Bob Clark and M.J. Tyler
Artistic Schedule Pat Shandrow and Austin Grevious
Classification Peter Shalit
Plant Inspection Dee and Bob Stewart
Entries Karyn Cichocki
Judges and Clerks Judy Niemira
Placement Alan and Debra LaVergne
Plant Maintenance Ray Etheredge
Reservations – Divisions II/III/IV Pat Shandrow
Staging Denny Van Dorn